• Mari Costa

    Sequential artist and Animation Student

  • About me

    Sequential artist

    I've been publishing comics online for several years, and around 2015 was picked up by Hiveworks, webcomic collective, to publish my ongoing comic Peritale professionally. I am a fast and hard worker who can keep to deadlines and I specialize in inking and lettering. In 2019 I released my second printed graphic novel, Life of Melody, which you can purchase online.

    You can also find a collection of many other comics I've published online (and a few done for paid Anthologies) on maricomics.com

    2D Animator

    I'm a second year animation student at The Animation Workshop. I feel confident in keying and animating simple and volumetric designs and cleanup art. I tend to work very fast, and well under pressure. I have a working knowledge of TVpaint, and basic knowledge of Toonboom. While my strengths lie in 2D animation I also have a working knowledge of Autodesk Maya's animation tools.

    I'm also a competent storyboard artist and revisionist.

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